Thomas working in the lab
Thomas using the 3D printer


The Lab and CAD

When I arrived I was taken to a place called the lab where I met Sasha. We spoke about what a microchip is and he also showed me some circuits from Xbox controllers and a PlayStation 4. I attempted polishing, a method of breaking down the plastic or protective layer to gain access to the microchip.

Later that day I met Boris in CAD and we used some software to make a ball inside of a ball inside a ball. We then went back into the lab to use the 3D printer and the printing took 4 hours.

Thomas using laser cutter
Thomas working in the lab


Laser Cutting and The Lab

On this day I met Stuart and I selected some logos off the internet that i would then draw around to create a template using an application called Ai. I was then shown the laser cutter where we engraved the logo onto plastic and cut around it to create a key ring.

For the second half of the day I went back into the lab to finish polishing. Afterwards we looked at different methods of etching away the plastic or protective layer. We then looked at my etched microchip under an optic microscope. We then used another microchip that had been etched in hydrofluoric acid and looked at it in high detail through an electron microscope and an ion beam.

Merged pictures from photoshop
Merged pictures from photoshop


Photography and Coding

For the first half of the day Stuart took some photographs of me and showed me how the lenses effects the way an image looks. He also told me the difference between compressed footage and raw footage. He took photos of me in different positions and we used lighting room to change the way the images looked. We then used Photoshop to merge the three images together to make an image of three of me. We then took more photos and used them to create a digital CV.

After lunch I met Glenn and he showed me some basic code. We then used power saves to modify games saves on Nintendo 3DS games.

Thomas batman logo created with Illustrator


Web Design and Illustrator

At the start of Thursdays work I met Steve and we looked at some websites to get ideas for my own website which would be about my work experience at Code Junkies. I was set the task of writing down everything I had done that week and then typing it up onto the website. Stuart then sent us some images that we could use on the website to visually show what i had been doing throughout the week.

For the second part of Thursday I attempted to make the Batman logo in Adobe Illustrator with Kim. We followed an online set of instructions, they were a little bit confusing to follow because they were built of an older version of illustrator, and therefore we had to adapt to be able to create the logo.

Coding my site
Datel factory tour with Damon


Tour and Web design

Damon gave us a tour of the facilities, mainly focusing on the I.T sector and he showed us the servers that were running the entire buildings internet. He told us about back up data and that you should not keep the original data in the same place as the backup data. He showed us the patch cabinet where all the phones and PC's are connected to for both power and internet as well as the reserve power.

For the final part of my work experience I was given a choice of what to do, and so I went back to Steve to finish off my website. I was set the task of writing what I had been doing from Thursday evening to Friday afternoon, and then typing it up onto the website.