Bradley Cartwright - Work experience


X-ray machine

Working in the lab

At the start of the day, I went to the lab and met Sasha, he showed me around the lab and showed me all the different machinery that helps them look at the circuits of different electrical products.

First, Sasha showed me the different circuits of game controllers and showed me all the small parts under an electron microscope. Afterwards I sanded down an integrated circuit to reveal the crystal inside. We then put it through the X-ray machine to see the different layers and afterwards we had a look at it through a microscope.


CAD Design

At the start of Tuesday, I met Boris. He showed me how to use a program that prints stuff on a 3D printer. After he had shown me all the functions of the program, he helped me to design a transformer keychain using the functions he had shown me. After going to the 3D printer and putting my design in, Boris helped me to make a 3d skeleton with joints that move.

Tranformer keychain out


Laser cutter

Laser Cutting

At the start of the day, I went with Stuart to his desk, where he showed me some of his tools to help with the photos of the products. I found a few images and sketched around them. After sketching round them, I made a border and a hole to make them keyrings, he then showed me how he improves the photos. After that, Stuart took me to the laser cutter where we cut out my sketches and turned them into keyrings.


Code for game Coding with Glenn


At the start of Thursday, I met Glenn and he showed me how he works on cheats and the coding for games. After that he showed me a language for coding called C++ and we made a simple game using it. Afterwards he showed me some code for a game he was working on some cheats for and showed me all the little differences in code when doing certain tasks.

Working with Glenn


my batman logo

Graphics Design

On Friday, I was met by a person named Kim, who showed me how she works on packaging for products, she then showed me adobe illustrator and we worked on a batman logo using steps from a website. I then was taught a bit about code and started to work on this webpage.