3D printing results


I started my day by learning how to use the Program for the 3D printer, Boris showed me how to make various different shapes including some strange deformed bowl thing. He then set me the task of designing a ball inside a ball inside a ball. This was quite hard to begin with however I think that I eventually got the hang of it after about two hours of ball creating. We walked down to the lab to print it off but soon found out that it would take four hours. I then went and had a ham and cheese wrap for my lunch.

In the afternoon I was down at the lab with Sasha and he showed me loads of cool things under a microscope. We had a look at some microchips and got too polish them however because I sucked at polishing I over polished it therefore destroying the integrated circuitry, so we decided to carry on polishing it so that it looked nice and pretty.


On Tuesday I started with Sasha and we got to have some fun with chemicals. We took the RAM of a PS4 and he decapsulated it by putting it in some hydrofluoric acid, what this did was dissolve the plastic that was covering up the silicone crystal inside. We put the microchip into this weird plasma machine that I have no idea what it does but apparently it makes the image look better when you put it under a microscope, so we put it under a microscope. We used this electron microscope that is very expensive and massive, it had about 12 different metal canisters sticking out of its side and hundreds of wires. We put the RAM under the microscope and looked at it and cut a hole in it that was only 10 Nano meters big. I then had a prawn mayo wrap for my lunch. In the afternoon I was with Stuart and we were on some software thing where I learnt to draw things using the computer. We then used a laser cutting machine to cut the design into plastic.

decapsulated microchip
Charlie Heyes serving coffe to Charlie Heyes photoshop


First thing on Wednesday I was looking at the coding for Pokémon and was shown what different parts of the coding mean. I looked at different things like where the save data was kept and all of the different security things that there were to stop people from tampering with the code, so we tampered with the code and gave the account 900 Oran berries because who doesn't love Oran berries.

After having my chicken tikka wrap I spent the afternoon with Stuart again. We took some photos and edited them on photo Shop to make them look good. For some of them we took several pictures in the same place but I moved around and we overlapped the images so that it looked like I was in several places at once, all of the photos seen on this page are ones that we took and edited.


I started Thursday on the computer and I used Adobe Illustrator to design the Batman logo. Although this may sound easy it took me all morning as we created it from scratch. This was a long process that involved a lot of precision as I had to place various different anchor points and there were a lot of different layers by the end and I had to make sure that I didn't click on the wrong layer because that would probably mess everything up and it actually did quite a few times so I had to go back and undo several parts. In the afternoon I was with Steve and I began coding and typing up this website.

Charlie Heyes creating a batman logo
datel factory tour with Damon


Today I started with Damon and we were looking around at things like fibre optic cables and patch cabinets. I learnt that the patch cabinet needs a backup battery so that if there is a power cut the battery will keep it powered so that no data is lost. We went round different areas of the company to see what happens such as at the lab, over at the design area and down at production. I had another chicken wrap for my lunch. Now in the afternoon I am sitting at a desk completing this website you are now reading.